Friday Feb 28, 2020
Would Your Retirement Plan Survive an IRS or Dept. of Labor Audit? Traps for the Unwary and How to Fix Them - Each year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) audits a small number of 401(k) plans. Over time, it is almost certain that either the IRS or DOL will audit your plan. Many employers do not understand how despite having a team of professionals to help manage these plans, the IRS or DOL (let alone an aggressive plaintiff’s attorney) can find problems with the plan. Knowing the common areas where administration can get tripped up and the traps for the unwary can help save your company value time and money. Topics we will cover include (i) ERISA fiduciary issues and other DOL audit items, (ii) IRS audits and the importance of making sure plan administration is consistent with the documents, and (iii) what do if the IRS or DOL comes knocking at the door. ... read more
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