Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
Savvy business owners are increasingly discovering the unique advantages of using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) as a business succession strategy. ESOPs allow business owners to receive ?fair market value? from the sale of their ownership in a tax-advantaged sale, while at the same time protecting the company?s legacy as independent business. In addition, an ESOP provides important financial benefits and other competitive advantages to the sponsoring company, allows its employees to receive the financial rewards of ownership, while at the same time providing an attractive business succession plan for selling shareholders. You're invited to join members of GBQ?s ESOP Advisory team to learn what ?all the buzz is about? related to ESOPs. In this introductory session, designed for business owners and advisors with limited prior knowledge of ESOPs, we will discuss: ? How an ESOP works ? Advantages of ESOP ownership ? Which companies make good ESOP candidates ? Key steps to implementing an ESOP ... read more
Categories: CCFB Webinar

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