Tuesday Aug 17, 2021
Marketing is about reaching customers where they are. The internet offers unique opportunities to do just that in ways other marketing mediums cannot. Wide scope of reach, ability to communicate immediately, the option to personalize content, and the opportunity to build quality relationships with customers are just a few benefits to marketing online. Join Greg Stockmaster, Digital Marketing Strategist for GREENCREST, as he shows you the big picture view and learn game-winning strategies to get found and get business through your website, organic search (SEO), paid search (SEM), local searches and social media. In this webinar designed for business owners, advisors and C-level executives, we will discuss: • Creating a winning online marketing strategy • Avoiding common pitfalls • Focusing on what matters most and how to prioritize your digital strategy to outperform your competition • Maximizing the ROI of online marketing ... read more
Categories: CCFB Webinar

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