Tuesday Aug 24, 2021
Our friends from The Columbus Foundation will join us to discuss two important components for your family business: 1) Next Generation Philanthropy and 2) Emergency Assistance Programs (EAP). Next Generation Philanthropy As your businesses and families grow, it is important to consider the diverse interests of the next generation while also preserving any existing family philanthropic legacy. Join us as Lisa Jolley, Senior Director of Donor Services addresses: • Why Philanthropy differs amongst generations • What motivates us to be philanthropic • Start to picture your legacy • What do you want to accomplish? • How will your family/business engage to reach your desired outcomes? • Next steps Emergency Assistance Programs (EAP) An EAP is a great way for a company to assist their associates in a very private and efficient way for when the unexpected happens. Stefanie Coffman, Manager of Corporate Philanthropy will address: • What is an Emergency Assistance Program? • Why should my business consider an EAP? • The Columbus Foundation’s EAP Background/Approach • How to start an EAP with The Columbus Foundation ... read more
Categories: CCFB Webinar

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