Wednesday Nov 3, 2021
HR Roundtable - Let's Talk! It’s been a while since we sat down and just talked about your HR needs. What is going on? What questions do you have? What can we chat about? Come back for the “new season” of HR Roundtable and let’s take some time to talk about you, your organization, and your HR needs. We’ll draw in your peers and capture their feedback and best practices. Sometimes, the best ideas are the people who are in the trenches experiencing what you’re experiencing and searching for the same solutions. Come prepared with questions and examples to share. During this in-person program, Sharon DeLay, President of GO-HR will lead the discussion and provide her expertise of the challenges that face family businesses. Don’t miss this in-person opportunity to dig deep into HR issues, engage with each other and consult with Sharon! ... read more
Categories: CCFB Roundtable, CCFB Peer Group

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