Tuesday Aug 23, 2022
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Tuesday Aug 23, 2022
Every business owner will eventually exit their business but wants to do so on their own terms. Whether it is through the eventual sale or transfer of the business to an outside party, employee, partner, or family member, it is critical to understand the personal and financial ramifications of a succession transition. Isaiah Stidham, Senior Wealth Manager, Business Succession Lead at Budros, Ruhlin & Roe will discuss the many components of exit planning and the importance of planning your exit strategy well before it is time to leave. Join us as we consider life after the business and the personal and financial factors that play into determining a business owner’s readiness. REGISTER now and join us for this live webinar on Tuesday, August 23. You'll have the opportunity to submit questions during the session and view a recording post session. If you can't attend the live session - register anyway and we'll email you the recording. ... read more
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