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The Conway Center for Family Business provides highly relevant, topical and original programming that helps members learn, stay informed and share experiences with their peers. These family-focused educational programs are unique to the Center and cannot be found anywhere else in Central Ohio.

In addition, we offer enjoyable social interactions that allow members to build strong relationships. We believe that some of the most productive experiences are created in less formal, group settings where relationships can be built, ideas shared and new opportunities hatched.

Just some of these activities include our annual Family Business Awards & Expo, Monthly Educational Programs, Networking and Social Events and Peer Groups. Please browse the calendar below for events and topics that can provide solutions to your family business challenge.

Events Calendar

Tuesday Sep 21, 2021
Leadership – What’s Changed and Why It Matters It would not be a leadership discussion without discussing the massive change we have experienced recently. In order to be effective leaders, we must understand the factors and trends that impact the people we lead in order to best serve their needs and the needs of the business. This creates a common sense of why leadership matters in the first place by answering the question – “what problems should we as leaders be trying to solve?” Objectives: In this session, we will look at data and trends and hear from our fellow professionals the challenges that we all face and why leadership can help us solve them. ... read more
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