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Leadership Development 2.0

A monthly peer group for business leaders

This small group offers monthly support, peer mentoring, and coaching for both family and non-family leaders.  Advanced leadership topics and challenges are addressed, those interested in joining are asked to first complete at least five Leadership Development sessions within the past year.

Note that this monthly group meets virtually on ZOOM except for the two times a year meeting in person to re-connect face-to-face.

Facilitator: Donna Musilli of DM360
Frequency: Monthly (except July/August when we break for the summer)
Fee: FREE for pre-approved Conway Center members
Pre-approval to join? Yes, contact Amy at if interested in this group.
Service Providers eligible?: No

Upcoming Events

Events Calendar - Leadership Development 2.0

Tuesday Feb 21, 2023
LCoaching, Guiding or Mentoring – Which One is Right for Your Team? ''Great leaders are great listeners.” That’s a somewhat famous quote and it still holds the same weight as when it was first uttered. A key aspect of leadership is about our ability to solve problems and help others solve problems. As leaders, how do we know: What the problem is? What are the things that hamper both our ability and others to achieve goals and create positive outcomes? How can we better understand the people around us to get things done? This session will address the questions above and others by discussing best practices of developing employees. ... read more
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