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Next Generation Leaders

A monthly peer group for next gen family business leaders

This peer group is for next generation family business members who are interested in assuming greater leadership roles in their family-owned business. Facilitator M.J. Clark of Integrated Leadership Systems draws upon her many years of experience working with family businesses to provide content and facilitate group discussion on topics that are relevant and necessary for growth as a next gen family business leader.

Facilitator: M.J. Clark of Integrated Leadership Systems
Frequency: Monthly (except July/August when we break for the summer)
Fee: FREE for Conway Center members (next gen family members only)
Pre-approval to join? No, this is a drop-in group, but meeting RSVP is required
Service Providers eligible? No

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Upcoming Events

Events Calendar - Next Generation Leaders

Wednesday Oct 4, 2023
Validating Others for More Understanding - Validation is a secret weapon of great managers and leaders. It not only helps people feel heard, but it helps managers develop emotional intelligence and more deeply understand their direct reports, peers, and supervisors. We’ll discuss a simple formula for validating others and ways we unintentionally invalidate others. ... read more
Categories: CCFB Peer Group, Next Generation Leaders
Wednesday Nov 8, 2023
Keeping Family Members Accountable - Accountability can be tough with our teams but even more tricky when it comes to keeping family members accountable. How do you elicit behavioral change from those running the company when they are your parents, siblings, or aunts/uncles? We’ll discuss accountability strategies for ourselves and other family members. ... read more
Categories: CCFB Peer Group, Next Generation Leaders

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