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Women in Family Business

A monthly peer group for women business leaders

This peer group addresses the unique needs of women who own, work for, or play a supporting role in a family-owned business. Topics addressing self-care, effective communication, and skills for managing conflict resolution will be the focus of these sessions, allowing for connection, sharing, inspiration, and support.  Co-facilitated by Bea Wolper and Kelly Jasin from Emens Wolper Jacobs & Jasin, join us each month to gain new perspectives and strategies by listening to others in this very collaborative and safe environment.

Facilitators: Bea Wolper and Kelly Jasin from Emens Wolper Jacobs & Jasin
Frequency: Monthly (except July/August when we break for the summer)
Fee: FREE for all Conway Center members
Pre-approval to join? No, this is a drop-in group, but meeting RSVP is required
Service Providers eligible? Yes, Service Providers are welcome (limit 2/company please), meeting RSVP is required

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Upcoming Events

Events Calendar - Women in Family Business

Tuesday Jun 11, 2024
War of the Ages - Navigating Generational Issues in Family Business - New hires or young next gens bring a fresh perspective, new ideas, and technological know-how. Senior leaders are knowledgeable, experienced, and wise. Why, therefore, are we all sometimes unable to get along? We'll explore what constitutes effective communication and talk about the disparities in expectations among various age groups. Additionally, we will discuss how frustrating it can be to deal with tenured staff members' ''we've always done it this way'' mentality when your suggestions for advancement and change are consistently turned down or completely ignored. ... read more
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