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Leadership Development

A monthly peer group for business leaders

Members share diverse perspectives on what is important for leaders and hear what others are doing to build relationships, gain clarity on key leadership challenges or opportunities and support each other. This is a very collaborative group for both family and non-family leaders that encourages peer-to-peer sharing.

Facilitator: Jackie Schetter, founder of Lead for Culture
Frequency: Monthly (except July/August when we break for the summer)
Fee: FREE for all Conway Center members
Pre-approval to join? No, this is a drop-in group, but meeting RSVP is required
Service Providers eligible? Yes, Service Providers are welcome (limit 2/company), meeting RSVP is required

Generously sponsored by Park National Bank

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Upcoming Events

Events Calendar - Leadership Development

Tuesday May 21, 2024
Avoid Burnout, Practice Resilience - Yes, that's right, we talkin' bout practice. Resilience doesn't need to be something we acquire only in hard times, or when we are already burned out. By understanding the elements of being resilient, you can build it into a maintenance plan that helps you stay focused, grounded, and well before you reach a tipping point. ... read more
Categories: CCFB Peer Group, Leadership Development
Tuesday Jun 18, 2024
Did you know - 50% of us will experience a traumatic event in our lifetime? More than ever, people are struggling with mental well-being. With the flexibility of more hybrid work environments, that means our work and personal lives are also overlapping more than ever before, too. As leaders, you can create safe spaces for those dealing with trauma, without feeling like a therapist. In this session we will explore some of the core tenants of trauma-informed leadership and cultures, as well as how to go about implementing them in a way that also maintains healthy workplace boundaries. ... read more
Categories: CCFB Peer Group, Leadership Development

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