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About Us

Lead for Culture provides comprehensive support to leaders looking to define, reinforce and continuously improve their company culture. Our systems-approach (think TRACTION for culture) allows us to meet you where you are in your culture journey and develop the processes and tools to prioritize employee experience and well-being. We offer strategy sessions, facilitations, assessments, group and one-on-one coaching (and more) to provide an integrated approach to protecting your most important asset – your people.

We always welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your challenges and opportunities, no strings attached. As a benefit to Conway members, Lead for Culture will provide each member organization with up to three complimentary assessments using our MPO tool. MPO (Managing People and Organizations) is an incredibly insightful and action-oriented tool which provides a Personality, Communication Style and Talent assessment to help people better understand where they get their motivation, confidence, strength and energy, as well as how to communicate more effectively with those around you.

We also have a thought-provoking executive keynote (free lunch and learn) on The Future of Work, which sheds light on employment trends and best practices regarding retention and employee engagement.

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