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Safex, Inc.


Environmental Safety & Industrial Hygiene

About Us

We are a team of certified safety professionals, certified industrial hygienists and environmental, health and safety specialists who enjoy conducting business in an engaging, interactive way. We understand that business health and safety is about standards and regulations, but it’s also about people. And we’ve got your back. We strive to be thorough, efficient and fun—all at the same time.

We customize our services to each specific client, and we train and support our clients based on the regulations and compliance issues specific to their industry, including:

• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Health Care
• Distribution
• Education
• Engineering
• Facility Management
• Real Estate
• Municipal

Consider us your go-to resource for anything and everything health, safety and environmental compliance related. You can lean on us. We’ve got the skills, the experience and the teamwork needed to keep you happy, healthy and safe.

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