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Women in Family Business

A monthly peer group for women business leaders

This Peer Group addresses the unique needs of women who own, work for, or play a supporting role in a family-owned business. Topics addressing self-care, effective communication, and skills for managing conflict resolution will be the focus of these sessions that allow for connection, sharing, inspiration, and support.  Co-facilitated by Bea Wolper from Emens Wolper Jacobs & Jasin and Donna Musilli from DM360, join us each month to gain new perspectives and strategies by listening to others in this very collaborative and safe environment.

Facilitators: Bea Wolper from Emens Wolper Jacobs & Jasin and Donna Musilli of DM360
Frequency: Monthly (except July/August when we break for the summer)
Fee: FREE for all Conway Center members
Pre-approval to join? No, this is a drop-in group, but meeting RSVP is required
Service Providers eligible? Yes, Service Providers are welcome (limit 2/company), meeting RSVP is required

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Upcoming Events

Events Calendar - Women in Family Business

Tuesday Sep 20, 2022
The Story Behind Your Family Business Behind every family business is a great story. We want to hear yours! If you are an owner or next gen, we'd like to hear the background of your family business including: • What is your business, when/who started it? • Where did the idea for your business come from? • How did you get the name of your business? • If next gen, why did you decide to become involved in your family business? • How many family members are still in the business? • What is your succession plan (if known)? • What has been your biggest challenge and your biggest accomplishment since starting/joining your family business? All are invited to this session - non-family and Service Providers members are welcome too! Learn, ask questions, and discover the inspiration and insight from those sharing their family business stories. Generously sponsored by KeyBank ... read more
Categories: CCFB Peer Group, Women in Family Business
Tuesday Oct 11, 2022
Keys to Family Business Success We all know that running a business has enough challenges without the added complication of family relationships. The importance of soft issues in family businesses and the way they are anchored in emotion, is often understated and if glossed over, they can lead to hard problems. In this session we will discuss the top essentials for a successful, harmonious family business. What have you found to be the most important elements of your family business? Do you have a set of soft rules for your family business? Come share with the group and let's learn together! Generously sponsored by KeyBank ... read more
Categories: CCFB Peer Group, Women in Family Business

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