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The Conway Center for Family Business helps family business owners and leaders solve business and family business problems, and when appropriate, with transitioning the family business to the next generation

Monthly educational programs provide valuable information on family business topics presented by family business leaders and experts. Peer Groups give family business leaders the opportunity to discuss key issues with one another in focused groups.

Annually, the Center offers nine educational presentations on family business issues and several roundtables that focus on in-depth topics.

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RESERVATIONS may be made online or by emailing Conway Center members are encouraged to bring guests to programs and events to introduce Central Ohio family business leaders to the resources provided by the Conway Center. Family business leaders attending for the first time are free. Educational programs, round tables and webinars are open to the public for a small fee unless otherwise noted.


Thursday Feb 25, 2021
Branding for Non-Branding People ''We're different from our competitors, but no one can see why.'' ''Nobody knows who we are and we can't break through the noise.'' ''We're struggling to charge a premium, even though what we do is top shelf.'' These may seem like sales or tactical challenges. In reality, they're brand issues. But what does ''brand'' mean in 2021? Together, we'll shed light on what branding is and how the branding process should work. We'll draw on our own experience as well as examples and best practices for context. In the end, we'll have a better understanding of how taking the time to get it right can help with some of the most common business challenges. REGISTER now and join us for this live webinar on 2/25 presented by Neil Wengerd, partner and creative director at Nonfiction, a brand and design agency for visionaries, change-makers, and big thinkers. Nonfiction helps clients connect the dots between why they exist, what they do, and how they're perceived. For him, it boils down to this: the future must be simpler, smarter, and more sustainable. And if we don’t shape the future, it will shape us. You'll have the opportunity to submit questions during the session and view a recording post session. ... read more
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Wednesday Dec 2, 2020
Year-End Tax Update Jonathan Ciccotelli, CPA, MT, from Meaden & Moore will discuss the importance of how having the right tax strategy will help your family business navigate this time of historic disruption and put you on the right track as a new year begins. His discussion will include: 1) Payroll Protection Program Loans Planning & Reporting, 2) Federal Tax Developments with regards to The CARES Act and 3) Tax Policies of President Elect Joseph Biden. ... read more
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Wednesday Jan 27, 2021
HR Live Virtual Meeting - From Apathy to Zoom Fatigue – We All Just Need a (Socially-Distanced) Hug If nothing else, 2020 was a year where nobody could be too comfortable! Following months and months of navigating remote working, paid sick leave, viruses, vaccinations, and social unrest, let’s take an hour or so to check in with one another and hear about the best practices we’ve all developed from what we learned, and develop our 2021 checklists of what we need to do and what we need to watch. With a change in our federal leadership, there will definitely be (even more) changes coming! Come prepared with best practices, burning questions, and ready to receive your virtual hug to keep you going through Q1 2021! Sharon DeLay, President of GO-HR will facilitate this session - join us for this live meeting* to find practical advice around tackling the challenges you are facing. *Note: Because we want this to be interactive, this session will be a Zoom Meeting (same format as our peer groups) with audio/video enabled for all who join. Note that if you do not have video capability, you are still welcome to participate. ... read more
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Tuesday Dec 1, 2020
Ignite Your Family Business featuring Schmidt's - Live Virtual Meeting This December 1st session features Andy Schmidt, President of Schmidt Hospitality Concepts. Established in 1886 and now in it's 5th generation, Andy will share Schmidt's growth journey and how marketing (sales, promotion, digital marketing, etc.) played a role in that growth. The trials and errors made along the way and the tough decisions to invest and venture into unchartered waters, the risks made, how they measured success, etc. will also be discussed. ... read more
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Thursday Feb 18, 2021
What does diversity and inclusion really mean and why does it matter to family business? Our family business leaders and panelists will provide clarity around what it means to invite all perspectives to the table, for everyone to participate in the discussion, and to listen to understand. We’ll look at the historical and economic impact of diversity, examine the benefits, share success stories as well as stumbling blocks, and ways our panelists have incorporated diversity and inclusion into their businesses. ... read more
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Thursday Sep 16, 2021
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Thursday Oct 21, 2021
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Thursday Mar 18, 2021
Did you know that more than 30% of all family-owned businesses make the transition into the second generation? 12% will still be viable into the third generation, with only 3% of all family businesses operating at the fourth-generation level and beyond. Therefore, it’s crucial that we focus our efforts on preparing and supporting the next wave of leadership; but how can we empower the next generation to step into leadership roles with the confidence and ability to transform the future of their family business? Facilitated by Kelly Borth (GREENCREST), we will feature family business leaders from all perspectives - those who have successfully passed leadership on, those who have succeeded as the next generation, and those who are currently taking steps towards leadership as a Next Gen. Our panelists will share their stories and offer tips/advice. They will speak candidly about what the next generation means to their family business and how to support and prepare Next Gens to make a lasting impact. Sponsored by GREENCREST. ... read more
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Thursday Jan 21, 2021
Family businesses encounter a variety of situations where leadership and adaptability are tested. Join us for our January Monthly Education Program as we welcome Genevieve Reiner Mills, Oakland Nurseries and Debra Penzone, Penzone Salons + Spas. Facilitated by Jeff Lagusch (Gryphon Financial Partners), Debra and Genevieve will share candidly about their family business journey, situations they’ve faced along the way (especially after a difficult 2020), and how they maintain composure when challenges arise. Sponsored by Kelly Borth of GREENCREST. REGISTER now and join us for this live webinar on 1/21. You'll have the opportunity to submit questions during the session and view a recording post session! ... read more
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Thursday Apr 15, 2021
Advisory Boards are an integral part of many successful businesses and organizations because they offer various perspectives, expert advice, and a neutral voice. Join us as we share how family businesses effectively utilize their boards by establishing roles, responsibilities, and proper governance. Tips, strategies, and tactics will be shared for improving engagement, communication, and understanding expectations for you and your board. Sponsored by GREENCREST ... read more
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Thursday May 20, 2021
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Thursday Dec 17, 2020
Join Rick Ricart, President of Ricart Automotive Group, and Jeff Baldwin, Vice President of Franchising and Development for Donatos as they share how their roles and experiences in a family business have helped them evolve and thrive during times of change, transition, and challenges. Facilitated by Kelly Borth of GREENCREST. Sponsored by GREENCREST. ... read more
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