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The Conway Center for Family Business helps family business owners and leaders solve business and family business problems, and when appropriate, with transitioning the family business to the next generation

Monthly educational programs provide valuable information on family business topics presented by family business leaders and experts. Peer Groups give family business leaders the opportunity to discuss key issues with one another in focused groups.

Annually, the Center offers ten educational presentations on family business issues and several Family Business Roundtables that focus on in-depth topics.

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Thursday Feb 16, 2023
We hear time and time again that being a spouse or in-law in a family business can be challenging. Not only are they impacted by decisions made by the business, but they, too, have a “pillow talk” effect. Our panelists will discuss the highs and lows of being on the outside looking in and how it affects their relationships with their partners, the family business, and their Thanksgiving dinner table gatherings. Panelists: Derek Lichtfuss, Director at Newmark; Spouse & In-Law (married to Katie Ricart Licthfuss of Ricart Automotive) Dustin Wilshire, Co-CEO at Reitter, Inc; In-Law (married to Fritz Reitter's daughter, Rachel) Facilitated by Bea Wolper, Co-Founder & Board President, Conway Center for Family Business; President, Emens Wolper Jacobs & Jasin Law Firm Sponsored by GREENCREST ... read more
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Thursday Mar 16, 2023
According to research done by Forbes, “a family-owned business engenders a strong sense of trust in businesses seem more stable, more customer-friendly, more approachable, and more trustworthy.” Our panelists put their family business pride front-and-center and use it not only as a marketing tool, but as a way to attract and retain employees. Indeed, we often hear them say, “we treat our employees like family” – they mean it and it shows. Generously sponsored by GREENCREST ... read more
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Thursday Mar 23, 2023
Let us continue our total compensation discussion and discuss ways to weave in creative leave strategies as a benefit to attract and retain employees. The term ''leave'' covers any paid or unpaid time off you may want to offer your employees. We will discuss various leave options available to Ohio employees and have candid conversations on their impact to your business. We will also discuss what you should put in writing regarding leaves to reserve your rights as an employer and set up employee expectations. This discussion will also include the good, bad, and ugly about ''unlimited'' leaves! ... read more
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Thursday Sep 21, 2023
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Thursday Oct 19, 2023
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